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Chris Doyle hanging out (and generally looking quite deranged) down at LPT. Photo: Si Panton

Following on from the report of Hatchatrocity in Parisella’s Cave, Chris Doyle has climbed the obvious link into Cave Life. Hatch Life rates 8A; a little easier than the Rock Atrocity finish but 8A nonetheless.

“It’s essentially a superior Cave Life.”

Commented Chris after the ascent.

Chris’s ascent came after an incredible week when he hit his best form ever, climbing Pilgrim 8A+, Broken Trigger 8A+, Hatchatrocity 8A (all in Parisella’s), Elite Syncopations F8a (Dinbren) and finally, Diesel Power 8A (Cromlech Boulders). He also completed his winter training project on the board too – talk about tearing up the game plan!

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