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Jon Ratcliffe riding high on Hipoposaurus 7A+, Llyn Ogwen photo: Si Panton

Pete Robins on Butterfly Effect 7B, Muriau Sant Tudno photo: Si Panton

James McHaffie on The Cairn 8A, Nant Ddu photo: Si Panton

Blankety Blank 8A - 16/05/2022
Burly LH start to Lily Savage
Fairies Wear Boots 7B - 11/05/2022
Cwm Pennant dolerite scenes
Crimes Against Pastry 7C - 09/05/2022
Powerful Peisiop addition
Crack Abuser 8A - 05/05/2022
Rhiw Goch crack project falls
Vault of Glass sds 7C+/Ben Can Build 7B+/C - 01/05/2022
Yet more Ogwen action!
The Total Perspective Vortex 7B - 27/04/2022
Bunch of 7s at Gallt yr Ogof
Zinger Roof 7C - 18/04/2022
Another ripe project falls
Yvain the Bastard 7B - 15/04/2022
Superb sandstone boulder near Wrecsam
Falmari 8A 12/04/2022
Mur y Coedwig 7B/+ 11/04/2022
Harddwch a'r Bwystfil 7C 05/04/2022
Dozen new 7s at Bwtres Carreg-filltir 02/04/2022
Brenin 7C, Brenhines 7B+ 25/03/2022
Ble Mae’r Nukes 7A+ 20/03/2022
Randy Savage 7B+ 20/03/2022
Orla Guerin 7A 15/03/2022
Trio of 7s at Loerennau Carreg-filltir 28/02/2022
The God of Night 8A, Date Night 7C 27/02/2022
Bad Trip Initiator 7B! 26/02/2022
Betula Wall 7C+ 18/02/2022

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