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Chris attempting Terror Twilight 7C+ on a previous visit Photos: Si Panton



Chris Davies has completed the obvious project line just right of Prisoners of the Sun in the Pac Man Woods. Terror Twilight 7C+ starts sitting on the low ramp and features a heinous crux slap to a slopey pocket around the lip of the steepness.

Chris first tried the line a few weeks back on a particularly hot and humid day. Returning today he was greeted by cold dry conditions and excellent friction.

“I spent about an hour trying it the original method, but couldn’t quite hang the hold. I then sussed out a different foot position with my left foot in the break and my right on a small smear. This was the key; the left foot gives you the height but the right pushes you leftwards onto the hold.”

Explained Chris, before adding;

“It is really specific, a proper hard move. I reckon it’s hard 7C+.”

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