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Photos: Big G



As we tip-toe into autumn Big G takes us on a jaunt above Deiniolen to the surreal reservoir-roaded cwm of Marchlyn. What might we find at such a little visited place? Big G knows, of course he does:

”What it is-right...there are these two reservoirs. The bottom one is Marchlyn Bach and the top one is Marchlyn Mawr, and embedded in the hill between them ...a little source of light in the form of the ‘Biscuit Tin Boulder’. Gr 610 620
It's as though the thing couldn't bear its overlooked potential, and trying to spin its way out of the mountain, was stopped - mid escape - still jutting with pent-up energy; rigid with anticipation.

The energy referred to, would be that needed to propel anyone from the base of the crystalline aręte at its left side . Success would allow one to slap rightward, where after a very few seconds the pump would kick in; the top edge being traversed with increasing effort. The landing is good and the thing is steep enough to provide shelter from rain. Great views of Anglesey too.

And if we are to pursue the pump-storage analogy, wouldn't it be quite something if you could go on guided coach trips up through the mind of the boulderer. Sweeping around hair-pin bends into a labyrinth of dull grey tunnels, to the spacious control centre where little people decide where and when energy should be directed, then taking in the ego-surge facility (activated by burning off your mates), visiting the endorphin pleasure banks and later, maybe, stopping a while to listen to the deep dark hum of generated Ummpfff.
Mind you, there is always the possibility that those exiting the coach later, might shake their heads and murmur "Didn't really see all that much at-all"!

[It is well established in bouldering circles that the way in which the little people inside the brain interact will have outward manifestations. Where they do not get on; engaging in power struggles and disputes, the boulderer will exhibit signs of anti-social angst, competitiveness and over-focus, resulting in high performance.
A happier internal workforce will result in a more balanced individual, able to enjoy companionship and a nice day out; the reduced commitment often resulting in average performance. There are exceptions to the rule; some individuals have no personality problems and are nonetheless exceptionally talented. These are the ones to shun!]

If your crap - get out there and be crap.

Others can't even get out.

Love Big G”

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