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On Saturday Lancashire raider, Paul Smitton made a brilliant new addition to the ever growing roster of Porth Ysgo classics.

Jawbreaker sds 7B starts on a big jug down and right of the normal hanging start. A big span to a slopey rail is followed by a crossover to the start hold of the original and a crazy cut loose move.

Sam Cattell who made a quick repeat described it as:

ďAmazing, one of the best Iíve done at Ysgo!Ē

The starting jug may be the result of storm damage as the line had been looked at by others previously.

ďI did try this line a few years ago, but donít recall a jug Ė Iím guessing that it has appeared after a storm. Anything in the tidal zone is subject to occasional changes; hopefully the jug will stay as I know this will be a superb extension.Ē

Said Si Panton.

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