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Owen Mcshane, Si Peters and friends returned to Ruthin Escarpment on Saturday and added a new link and a new independent line.

Firstly Owen climbed the link from Andy's start into The Butterfly Collector at around 7A+.

Next up, after some ground work Si Peters climbed a line about 2m left of the flat jug at the start of Another Million. Si's Bulge starts sitting with hands in the horizontal breaks and moves through the bulge with the use of small holds and a throw to a big 'frowning' flake on the wall. From here a sharp flake line is followed until its end in a niche just below where the crag steepens again.

One in a Million pt1 7B saw a repeat a few weeks ago and a lower 7A+ grade has been suggested for now it has been given a split grade: 7A+/B, until more opinions emerge.

To view a topo of Butterfly Buttress click here.

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