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Phil Targett on Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf rates V5/6C Photos: Phil Targett


Phil Targett has found a good boulder close to the Braichmelyn blocks in Bethesda. Braichmelyn Bach is a steep wall with a good landing, and it gets the evening sun.

It can be found by continuing on from the main Braichmelyn blocks, trending left and gaining a little height by a clump of small rocks until a drystone wall is reached. The boulder then lies just ahead.

For the main problem, Braich Dancing V5/6C+, climb to the base of the obvious groove, gain a flake out left and slap the top. Exit leftwards.

The steep arte, taken on its right side, goes from crouching start hands matched on the undercuts: Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf rates V5/6C. there is a further minor V1/5 to the left.

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