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Mark Dicken demonstrating various problems in the Crack House sector. First up is: Shed Party V4/Font6B+ Photos: Si Panton

Toebar V4/Font 6B+

Barred to the Bone V3/6A+

Mark Dicken has developed a new area just below the Clegir road leading out of the top of Llanberis.

One section was originally discovered by Martin Crook back in the mid 90s, but Mark had a good look around and found a number of intriguing little sectors.

Overall there is around a dozen worthwhile problems running up to V5/Font 6C. The rock is excellent quality and the network of old military roads makes access from the Clegir road relatively straightforward.

For more details check Mark’s blog: hoseyb.blogspot.com

And for location details see here: how to find the boulders

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