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Dave Noden on his new problem: Dolly Rocker V11/12/8A/+ photo: Noden collection

Dave Noden continues his run of good form with another hard problem down at Porth Ysgo. Dolly Rocker V11/12/8A/+ takes the hanging arÍte feature just left of What it is to Burn (i.e. just left of the Higginson Scar) from a sitting start.

ďNot sure on the grade as I did the moves quickly, but it took three sessions to get the link (admittedly with some poor conditions along the way). Itís quite conditions dependent, as itís all slopers and clamping. Style wise itís a bit like Full Power at Gardoms in the Peak I suppose. There are five moves with the third being the crux, a long blind throw up and around the arete to a good drag. I reckon it is three stars and a future classic!Ē

Enthused Dave.

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