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All pics by Big G


Dr Martin Crook fully engaged with the offwidth.


Last month’s BotM caused quite a stir and numerous incorrect guesses from rabid boulderers across the North Wales region. In the end it was Baby Dave Rudkin who was the first to give the right location, namely by the side of the West Gully path on Tryfan at around the 800m mark. No-one has been up to try it yet, although Ioan Doyle had climbed a traverse line on the left side of the same wall some time ago.

This month Big G takes us on a mystery trip into the Moelwyns. I have it on the authority of the respected Doctor Noel Craine that the area contains one of the best groove lines in the the whole of the not inconsiderable North Wales pantheon, a classic V3/Font 6a, which he later admitted was probably V5/Font 6c!

Take it away George:

Dear BotM followers,

For some months now I have been blighted by anonymous texts suggesting that I proceed to a certain grid reference to check out, among other things an offwidth - and report back my thoughts. Was it a dream come true? Had I become a ‘crag inspector’ or was it a vicious wind up?

I played along with the unknown informant, replying in jest that I had visited the place and become stuck in the crack. The mysterious boulder spotter replied, saying that this was bad luck, but that I was not to distract others attempting the problem.

Eventually the ‘mysterious individual’ lost patience and revealed himself to be none other than the mighty Mel Griffiths, Ormesman extraordinaire and a fellow not only possessed of significant climbing skills, but also a rich knowledge of Moelwyn treasures. Realising the gravitas of the situation I hastened forthwith to the grid reference, eager to view this new promised land.

And what did I find at the end of this particular rainbow? Twas indeed a pot of sumptuous bouldering gold, the like of which I have not seen for quite a while. GR 6325 4595 will be a number forever quoted in hushed tones by those obsessive types who know a thing of worth when they see it. Amidst the chaotic and rough landscape of Yr Arddu one may, with careful navigation, come upon this oasis. The rock seems to have extruded from the flat ground specifically for our purposes. Every feature one might seek is represented: an offwidth, a roof, a truculent groove and some bolder, thinner offerings for those who are bold and thin.

Park in Croesor (cool cafe) and follow the path up the ridge of Cnicht, heading west from the old slate workings.

Best regards

Big G

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