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Moving up with the left hand sequence on Pill Box Original...

...and left into the end of Millenium Drive...

...a big lock leftwards...

...and then the fingery cross through...

...followed by the powerful drop down...

...and, finally, the crucifix crux to the open pinch...

Chris Doyle, happy man. Photos: Si Panton

This afternoon Chris Doyle finally completed his long-term project link up on Pill Box Wall. Drink Driving V12/Font 8a+ starts up Pill Box Original, before swerving left into the end of Millenium Drive, which is then reversed all the way back to its start. It is essentially a non-eliminate traverse of the wall taking in a ridiculous amount of hard climbing. Chris had been struggling with the redpoint over the last year and today marked his 43rd session on it. Less determined types may have walked away long since, but Chris showed impressive levels of conviction, returning time and time again, knowing that one day he would make it past that bastard crux move.

On the day he made it through the crux on his first attempt, but found himself (possibly in shock?) with seriously wilting arms on the final undercut traverse section. A few nervous moments spent shaking out the lactic acid allowed him to wobble leftwards to the sanctuary of the finishing jugs, but only just!

NWB.com salutes Chrisís devotion to the Orme. No doubt this act of extreme dedication will not have gone unnoticed by the Old Guard - a place in the fabled Ormesman Country Club seems guaranteed now. Cigars and glasses of port all round, and well done that man!

Chris has made a short film detailing the protracted battle that he endured to complete this most epic of problems. (NB. He didn't actually film the successful ascent, but this includes footage from various sessions over the last year.) Follow the link below to view it.

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