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Dafydd Davis on the classic Bloodscream (V5) on a very hot day in June 2004 (photo: Arran Cartwright)

Dafydd Davis launching across the roof on The Cuttaway (V5/E2 6b) (photo: Arran Cartwright)

Dafydd Davis on another class problem (V4 - sds) (photo: Davis collection)

Dafydd Davis has continued to develop his local crag, climbing numerous sitting start problems up to V6 over the winter months at Garreg yr Ogof, the sunny 'gritstone' bouldering crag near Trawsfynydd. He has been particularly active on the Undercut Wall closer to the lake (see the shot in the gallery).

This superb micro crag was already worth a visit, just to try Bloodscream (V5/E2 6a) - a classic arete on the upper edge, but now there is a wide range of excellent low and mid grade problems.

Details of the new additions are as follows:

1. "Central crackline in the undercut wall and straight up the crack, weird, jamming and stuff - about V3."

2. "From the same point sds and slap put right into the obvious scoopy thing and then go straight up the wall to the right of the central crack (V4/5)."

3. "Right hand arete of Undercut Wall from sds (V3/4)."

4. "Sds from the middle of the wall between the arete and the central crack, very slopey and powerful and then straight up the wall above (V6?)"

5. "Boulder well over to the right of the Undercut Wall, follow the diagonal seam/crack on the left, rightwards from a sds (V4/5)."

6. "The same boulder start from a sds with hands on the obvious ledge and go left and straight up (V3)."

Access: Park in the centre of Trawsfynydd near the church and follow a public footpath around some houses and out across a small field towards the lake. When you cross the final stile you will see a rolling grassy area leading down to the lakeside. Bear slightly left to reach the upper tier (V5 arete). Other smaller escarpments lie closer to the water's edge.

There is often a herd of cows and a bull in the area. The bull seems okay as long as you circumnavigate the cows.

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