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Jordan Buys showing the way on Jordan’s Crispy Crunch V8/7B Photos: Buys collection

Jordan Buys powering up Flick of the Wrist V10/7C+


On Saturday Jordan Buys snatched a fine pair of over ripe lines on the Tan y Grisiau boulders above Blaenau Ffestiniog.

First to go down was Jordan’s Crispy Crunch V8/7B, a slightly highball line left of Hippocampus. This starts by pulling of a boulder (right hand: undercut fin, left hand: pinch under the adjoining boulder). Snatch up the wall to a high-ish finish.

Next was an old project line previously tried by Chris Davies - Chris had another go on the day, but had no joy and Jordan stepped in and did the deed. Flick of the Wrist V10/7C+ can be found in the first group of boulders you reach on the dam road. It is an obvious steep wall in a recess that can be seen from the road. Start standing (right hand: good side pull, left hand: undercut). Four moves to the top, simple as that.

“A future classic”, according to Jordan.

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