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John Gaskins crimping hard on the Pill Box Wall project (V12/13 - 8a+/8b) (photo: Gaskins Collection)

Chris Davies attempting the Pill Box wall project (photo: Si Panton)

Mark Katz pulling into the crux of Cheech Marin (V10/7c+), Bulging Wall, Little Orme (Photo: Paul Houghoughi)

During a brief holiday in North Wales John Gaskins cleaned up an old Marine Drive project when he completed the central line on the Pill Box Wall. Chris Davies had tried this project off and on over the last 5 years. He had in fact done all the moves, but a full link remained elusive.

Remarkably, John managed it in a single session, describing it as being reminiscent of one of his board problems. Perhaps crucially, John made use of a foot lock that Chris had not been using. With the stabilizing benefit of this, John reckoned it was worth V12/13 - 8a+/8b.

During the same trip John also repeated both the sitting start to Downset (V12/8a+) by the side of Llyn Gwynant and Cheech Marin (V10/7c+), Bulging Wall, Little Orme.

John also had a look at the infamous Caseg Fraith project (i.e the sitting start to Repeat after me) confounding bogus rumours that he had previously declared it to be impossible, by actually doing some of the moves. Moreover, John reckoned that given time he could probably do it all!

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