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A freezing clear blue sky day in Eryri, and while some were out stomping in the snow Tim Blake was cranking on dry, cold stone. Despite numb fingers he managed to climb a stunning new line on a roadside wall in Dyffryn Ogwen.

Cosmic Ape (7C+) tackles the clean wall left of Monkey See just left of the path leading up to Bwtres Carreg-filltir. Only 50m from the road so no excuses for not at least going and checking it out!

ĒItís probably 7C+, I was pretty spanned out on the feet and the last right hand hold is awful. Itís totally vertical and tiny, so makes the foot moves tricky as you canít pull downwards! For small folk the last move will be a proper launch.Ē Said Tim. [Editorís note: It looks like a f***in wild launch for you too Tim!]

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