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Lee Anderson on Breakaway sds V5/6c, Craig y Dwr Boulders, Crafnant Valley photo: Sam Cattell

Si Panton on Siís Traverse V7/7a+, Carreg Wastad Boulders, Llanberis Pass photo: Dave Noden

Dylan Smith on his new problem Viking Invasion V5/6c+, RAC Boulders photo: Erika Bergholm

Adam Hocking on Twilight of the Idols V9/7c, Carreg Wastad Boulders photo: Si Panton

Adam Hocking showing his new sequence on Clyde V12/Font 8a+, Parisella's Cave photos: Si Panton

James Lillie on Big Thumb V5/Font 6c, the Thumb Boulder, Gerlan photo: Alys Jones