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Neil Dyer going for it on Upper Cut V8/7b Parisella's Cave (photo: Si Panton)

Nige Callender repeating his own problem, In Your Honour V7/7a+, located close to the Bogside boulder in the Ogwen Valley. (photo: Dave Ayton)

Pete Robins pulling down on immaculate slopers: Dinas M.O.T. V7/7a+, RAC Boulders (photo: Mark Katz)

Pete Robins yarding across the Louisville Lip V9/10/7c/+, Swamp Thing boulder, Ogwen Valley (photo: Si Panton)

Chris Doyle hanging in there on the final fingery section of his new link: The Highlife V11/8a, Parisella's Cave (photo: Si Panton)

Neil Dyer swinging out on the arete of Crook Roof Left Hand V8/7b, Llanberis Pass photo: Si Panton

Si Panton on The Quickness V7/7a+, Cromlech Boulders photo: Rich Betts

James Lillie on Enter the Park V7/7a+, Parc Meurig, Bethesda, photo: Alys Jones.

Chris Davies on the mid section of his new Parisella's Cave test piece, East Coker, mooted to be V13/14/8b/+, photo: Davies collection.

Si Panton gurning on the final wall of Rock for Light V8/7b, Cromlech Boulders, photo: Mark Reeves

Check out dem slopers maaan! The Tubes, photo: Smith collection

Ray Wood in a state of Turmoil V7/7a+, Cromlech Boulders, photo: Si Panton

Chris Doyle emerging from the dark on the first ascent of the highball line: Ainít No Party Like a Pill Box Party V7/7a+, Pill Box Wall, Marine Drive photo: Si Panton

Andy Barker on T is for Trevaah V4/6b, Cwm Cneifion, Ogwen Valley, photo: Barker collection