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John Gaskins crimping hard on the Pill Box Wall project (V12/13) (photo: Gaskins Collection)

Si Panton trying his best on what subsequently became Bust Lip V7, Parisella's Cave (Photo: Graham Desroy)

Nige Callender setting up for the slap to the small ear on Trigger Cut V11/8a in Parisella's Cave; this forms the second part of Halfway House V12/8a+ which Nige recently repeated. (photo: Matt Rowat)

Dave Noden 'open handing' the Bus Stop section of Mr Fantastic V12/8a+, Cromlech Boulders, Llanberis Pass (photo: Si Panton)

Photo topo update for the left side of the Pit Boulder, Milestone Buttress, Ogwen Valley.

Dave Noden making the 4th(?) ascent of Bellpig V8+/7b+ in Split Infinity Cave, Marine Drive on New Years Eve 2005 (photo: Si Panton)